Hello, Very sad to see the negative reviews "on yelp". He was nothing but friendly and honest as far as my options...not to mention the results I got. I've had 5 major polyp removal surgeries in the past 10 years. I haven't been able to smell in 16 years. Every ENT IVE ever seen said it was the worst sinuses they've ever seen. DR falsafi literally changed my life after surgery. Although it was more recovery then I've ever had and pain...it got by far the best results I've ever had and I'm able to smell for the first time in 16 years.

My quaility of life has increased ten fold. I've seen the top specialists in the nation before this too...so it wasn't like it was county doctors (no offense). Hats off to Dr. falsafi, I will never let another ENT touch my nose. If i could give him 10 stars I would.
P.s. I actually like eating and smelling vegetables now :-) Doug, P. 6/23/2015 .

Dr. Falsafi, just remembered that you had a birthday recently, I think it was last week. I hope you had a great one.  I am doing great.  Aside from the usual aches that comes as we get older like arthritis etc. I am fine. I sleep well, breathe well, and thanks God I have been able to survive the allergy season without any problems.  I take Singulair as needed. I stay hydrated and eat well, I am doing what my grandparents did, eating fresh vegetables and fruits and very little meat. Contra Costa Health Care sent my nephew to see a pediatric ear, nose and throat especialist at children hospital. He is doing good. I always remember you and thank you for encouraging me to take the risk and have the nose surgery, otherwise I would be agonizing now unable to breathe well. Yours truly, Jaime Chu June 22, 2015.

5.0 star rating

Laura T. (2/27/2015) I saw/see Dr. Falsafi for sinus problems.  He is an excellent doctor- takes the time to sit with you and clearly explain the issues and procedures.  He didn't pressure me into surgery but laid out the options I had. I choose surgery which he performed without incident- it all went smoothly and my recovery time shorter than expected  His staff has been very  helpful with finding me a place to get pre-op work done and handled getting all the pre-authorizations with my insurance.  His bedside manner is more relaxed and makes you feel comfortable- I know people said he was not charting when talking to you but I found this refreshing- to many doctors these days spend the whole visit looking at the computer screen instead of looking you in the eye and listening to what you have to say.  I never has to wait on my office visits- he doesn't double book patients.  I would highly recommend him.
Carolyn M. (11/7/2014) Great Doctor, very attentive, thorough, & knowledgeable. The staff was very nice & professional.   Would recommend him time & time again :)

Shawn S. ( September 2014) - Excellent Doctor. Solved my issue in 2 visits. He actually listens to his patients! Highly recommend him and his courteous staff.

Good Morning Dr. Falsafi,

I don't know if you remember me by name (Jaime C) , I had nose surgery early this year. I was very reluctant to have the surgery but after I went ahead and had it, I am doing great, I will always thank you for advising me and earning my trust, I am breathing well and have been able to sleep well All through the night without waking up gasping for air.  I am still doing the nose rinsing at least once or twice a week. It helps clean the nostrils from the dust and pollution that cause allergies. I have had no symptoms of allergies since the surgery.  I am wondering if I should talk to my PCP Primary care physician Dr Weinreich to approve a follow up visit  to see you sometimes next year just to make sure that everything is okay, I sometimes feel the left side of my nose a little stuffy but nothing comes out when I clear it. Other than this I am fine. Thank you.

My brother and his family are coming for Christmas to California and since I have spoken so well about you, he would like to make an appointment for you to see his son ,he is nine years old and seems to be having the same problem I had with his breathing. And Also my brother is having the same problem I had with Dr. K...who told me I was doomed and there was nothing I could do except pray and Do yoga and meditation. This doctor scared me to death.  I never gave up and neither did Dr B. who referred me to you and you were Very patient with me. Dr B. by the way went home to Europe (Switzerland). Should I tell my brother to request an approval from the PCP (also Dr W.) for the kid to see you or should I tell him To contact your office and you will take care of getting the pre-approval ?  Your staff is very efficient 95% of the  time. My brother will be here for two months December and January. He is planning on moving back to California.  At least I would like you to see my nephew and make the initial diagnosis to see what is going on with this kid. It think he is too young for this kind of surgery (thinking about what I went through). I don't know, I am not a Doctor.

So let me know what shall I do or need to do. Thank you so much Dr. Falsafi. You will always be like a friend to me. Just like Dr. B., I am still in touch with him.
Yours truly,
Jaime C.

Dear Dr. Falsafi,
I'd like to thank you for your attentiveness and for your heart! And of course I'm greatful for your help with my sinus issues and for your skills. Sincerely, Lidiya T, 10/8/2014

Hello Dr. Falsafi ...
Just to let you know that this morning I am feeling great, at least 90% better than before. I feel like I am breathing through both nostrils,
Breathing better. Thank you. I am not bleeding as much as yesterday, just a little, a few drops off and on. I have been coughing out some dry blood. I don't swallow it. I am following the written instructions.  I stopped taking the pain medication, I only took once yesterday. I am still taking the antibiotic Cephalexin 500 mg twice a day. (Should be every six hours).  The pain medication keeps me awake and I have urinating frequently more than the normal. I am drinking water and tea to stayhydrated.  And I am not hungry but been forcing myself to eat.
Thank you.  To  be honest,  I was really scared of the surgery. Everybody was very nice and very professional.
Jaime, C 3/12/2014


Loretta T on Feb 28th, 2013 -  I went to see Dr Falsafi because of a lymph node that wasn't going down. He checked me out and got my medical records for review. Since there was nothing definitive on this node, we discussed surgery. I wanted to do this, since I would get an answer for sure what was happening inside. During my initial exam he also told me about some other things happening and said we could talk about them later. He took care of me and made me feel safe and that I was a person not a number.

Roque, N. ( Moraga, CA ) -  I underwent a septoplasty, a turbinoplasty and the repair of my nasal vestibular stenosis with Dr. Falsafi. The experience was very positive. Previous to the surgery, Dr. Falsafi gave me all the information I needed and left me free to make a decision. From the very beginning it was clear to me that I was in the hands of a great professional. In fact, the procedures were very simple, and I experienced no pain following the surgery. Dr. Falsafi and his staff made sure that I could reach them at any time. His friendly manners add to the quality of services he provides. I do recommend his services to everyone.

Jeffrey, A . - I was diagnosed with a cancerous melanoma on my cheek and was referred to Dr. Falsafi. He impressed upon me the potential seriousness of this cancer. He said that he would treat it aggressively. He described the surgery that he would do so that I would be prepared psychologically. He successfully performed the surgery in office, which is what I wanted. Dr. Falsafi was serious and professional. The melanoma has been removed. I couldn't be happier. Jeffrey A.

Damian, K . - I had nose surgery done by Dr. Sassan Falsafi in Januray 2010 and I'm very pleased with the result. Throughout the entire process, from first visit through surgery and post-op the Dr. and his entire staff were outstanding. I think he's very passionate about his work and I truly appreciate it. I highly recommend him as he's an excellent surgeon, very caring and extremly competent..

Kevin, K . - Dr. Falsafi was my physician in the E.R for a very bad case of strep throat with a tonsillary abcess. and then I went to him for a followup. Professional, kind, and smart. Very non-interventionist, counseled against surgical procedures, noted that I have a deviated septum and recommended using a neti-pot. Great doctor all around. Kev

Mitzy, M . - I'm sitting in the parking lot still, I could not wait to get home to write this review. Dr is amazing! This is my second review on this practice and I have not reviewed anything else on yelp because I'm usually running from one place to another. I highly recommend him and his staff! Kim (front office) is wonderful. She's competent, friendly and has amazing follow up. I came in today because my ear problem came back a week ago and today was the follow up on the treatment, and now as luck would have it I have a sore throat. Dr checked my ear and then without hesitation looked thoroughly at my throat, he made recommendations and has prescribed a simply solution. I cannot tell you people out there with an ear nose or throat problem how lucky you will be if you get seen by him. I am extremely happy

Mitzy, M. - I had an extremely bad ear infection, i had been going to my primary care doctor for months and it was not getting any better. Once I came to this practice the doctor was very knowledgeable, friendly and had a very calming aura about him. I'm happy to report that with just a few visits my ear problems have completely cleared up! I would highly recommend him!

Mark, I. -  After fighting what I thought could be strep for 5 days, I awoke in so much pain I thought someone had mistakenly buried a knife in my neck and went to an Urgent Care in Walnut Creek. In 10 mins I was in and out with a prescription for a mega regimen of anti-biotics and some pain meds; the doctor mumbled vaguely stating possible abscess in my throat. Two days later, I awoke to thinking the person with the knife decided to add a sword and a pairing knife to the collection as well as choke me since I could barely breath let alone talk. So back to a different Urgent Care in Walnut Creek over the weekend. When I mentioned abscess to the nurse, the Dr. was in my room within minutes. He was very nervous, talked very fast and looked quickly for a second into my mouth and stated, 'Yes, abscess, other Dr should have given you shot of antibiotics but, to late now need to go get it drained in the ER...we'll contact them'.


So to the ER across the street. And while I wait standing in a line, barely breathing and in horrendous pain, I finally get to 'check-in' since apparently the hospital Urgent Care does not talk with the hospital ER like they suggested. 10 minutes later after the paperwork, a nurse checks my vitals, asks some questions and says, if I start to gasp or drool to 'let them know' otherwise I'll see someone in an hour; I guess they needed me to warn them I'm about to die in their ER, sweet! So weighing the options...either hopefully inform the ER in time if I'm about to die and end up with a massive bill from them or go home, wait another day while chewing pain meds like candy and find an ENT that'll cost $20 and hopefully better attention. Hmmm, after the 'let us know' remark, just to be spiteful I'll take a chance and hopefully not choak at home. So next morning, I awoke to the knife collection and the blacksmith shop as well parked on my throat and called Lamorinda ENT and within 30 minutes I was in the office after explaining my condition.

The staff is very nice and professional and after filling out all the paperwork, Dr. Fasalfi saw me. Within moments after meeting him, I was put at ease knowing I had found an excellent doctor. He explained in depth the physiology and what was going on with (the pain had literally moved along my neck into my shoulder which made it virtual impossible to turn my head) my throat and even explained it was not an abscess, that it was at best A typical since they do not appear in that area. Speaking with competence, passion and a directness that the majority of doctors lack today, Dr. Fasalfi laid out a treatment I felt comfortable with. Also, not only did his course of treatment make perfect sense but he actually went above and beyond my visit and prescribed a different regiment after examining the sample taken from my throat again while I was on route to the pharmacy. I was also rescheduled to come in a week sooner so as to keep on top of it and instructed to give them a call anytime with questions or anything. So in short, two doctors who marched me in and out while in excruciating pain, misdiagnosed me and then one who nailed it and took the time to go above what would be required...even his staff called me explaining the new prescriptions and offered to call me when they found out from the pharmacy the prescriptions were ready! Now I challenge anyone to find THAT in a doctors office today.