Lafayette and San Leandro, CA Facial Skin Cancer

Facial Skin Cancer Moh's Reconstruction Often times the cancerous lesion in the face ( Facial Skin Cancer ) is in proximity of vital organs such as the eye, the lip, the nose or the ear. Caution must be exercised when removing these lesions in order to avoid comprising function of the adjacent organ. At both our San Leandro and Lafayette offices Dr. Falsafi employs meticulous reconstruction techniques which allow for repair of larger soft tissue facial defects in a cosmetically pleasing manner while preserving function. The repair takes place after tumor removal that is wide enough to eliminate the possibility of leaving cancer cells behind.

A variety of cleverly designed soft tissue flaps conforming to various geometric shapes are constructed from the unaffected nearby skin in order to achieve maximal color match. This is done in an individualized manner in order to reconstruct the large defect site. By adhering to well established plastic and reconstructive surgery principles (also known as Moh’s Reconstruction), Dr. Falsafi has been able to reach a high success rate not only in facial skin cancer removal, but also in facilitating a favorable post-surgical environment for expeditious healing with meticulous attention to cosmesis and function.

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